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About Us

Laclie Pharmacy of Orillia is your Personal Drug Store in Orillia,Ontario

Your Local Compounding Pharmacy in Orillia ON, for over 10 years, is Laclie Pharmacy!

Do you know your pharmacist's name?
More importantly, does your pharmacist know you or your family?
Are they available to answer your questions and spend time with you?
Is there any consistency in the staff at your pharmacy?
Is your pharmacy in a convenient location ... locally owned?
Do they support your community?
Does your pharmacy compound or customize medication?

If you'd like the answer to be YES to all of these questions, look no further than Laclie Pharmacy. We've been locally owned and operated for over 20 years in the same location and proudly support our community. Most of our staff have been here for over 10 years while some for over 20 years!

We're very proud to have won the Chamber Of Commerce Business Achievement Award for Customer Service. We have two pharmacists on duty for much of the day and have a private counseling room that enables one of our pharmacists to spend time with you and answer all of your questions in confidence.

We've been a compounding pharmacy for over 10 years. The art of compounding is customizing medications to meet the individual needs of a customer.

So, if you are not satisfied with the customer service or location of your current pharmacy, give us a call or better yet, drop by and visit us at Laclie Pharmacy and see what you have been missing.

Laclie Pharmacy is Orillia's Award-winning Personal Service Drug Store.

Personal Service is as vitally important to us, as it is to you! Laclie Pharmacy is the name to remember in Orillia.

We are proud of our progress in striving to be the most consumer-friendly drug store in Orillia Ontario. Laclie Pharmacy was awarded from the Orillia Chamber of Commerce their Business Achievement Award for Customer Service in 2007, and we're also proud to have won Orillia Pharmacist of the Year and Orillia Pharmacy of the Year!

We know when it comes to Customer Service, you want real quality, not empty promises. For instance, we know that you want a real person to answer the phone, not a machine - so you'll never hear an answering machine when you call us, honest! We know you want your prescription filled in a timely manner, so you'll be satisfied to find our wait times are usually only 10 to 15 minutes for new or repeat prescriptions! We usually have two pharmacists on duty to serve you.

We also know that many times you have an issue to discuss that you don't want to broadcast to the whole world, so we provide a private counseling room where you can tell us frankly what you need and we can counsel you clearly and confidentially.

Laclie Pharmacy prides itself on being a truly full service pharmacy. Our friendly, award-winning team is always pleased to ensure your satisfaction.

Laclie Pharmacy is Orillia's Full-Service Pharmacy.

Full and Complete Service sets Laclie Pharmacy apart from all the other drug stores in Orillia Ontario.

We're a full service pharmacy, but that doesn't mean we sell groceries and appliances (we leave that to the others!) That means we're the best at what we do and we focus on being all that you need in a pharmacy.

We're a compounding pharmacy and we are experts in palliative care, pain management and BHRT - Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

We offer Dispill, compliance or blister packaging for medication. We have pediatric doses for children. With two pharmacists on duty to serve you, you're always able to talk to us about your personal needs.

Laclie Pharmacy offers Medscheck, a free medication review. We offer free blood pressure tests / screenings, and we also sell blood pressure monitors.

Prescription transfers to our pharmacy are FREE of charge - and we make the process easy by handling everything for you!

We know it's important for you to have a good choice of quality Vitamins and Minerals, so we offer brands like Swiss, Jamieson and Bell.

Laclie Pharmacy is open seven days per week and we've been LOCALLY owned and operated for over 30 years.

Laclie Pharmacy, the only Compounding Pharmacy in the Orillia area.

We can serve you better with our special Compounding service in Orillia ON.

Laclie Pharmacy is the only compounding pharmacy in the area. They are a member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). We even do Veterinary compounding.

We specialize in palliative care, pain management and BHRT (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy).

For Palliative patients in Orillia and area we are able to compound:

ABHR, Bonamine and Meclizine for nausea/vomiting;
Magic Mouthwash (plain, or with lidocaine) for sore mouths from chemotherapy;
Petrolatum/cornstarch cream for bedsores / diaper rash.

For pain management in Orillia:

Topical NSAIDS or Anti inflammatory remedies;
Itch Remedy for bug bites/poisin ivy;
BLT gel (benzocaine/lidocaine/tetracaine) for shingles;
Mecca for sres and cuts;
Ketoprofen, Diclofenac, Amitriptyline and Gabapentin in cream form.

We are the place to go for BHRT - Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. We offer saliva testing of hormones through Rocky Mountain Analytical of Calgary. We are able to compound testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and DHEA into various dosage forms for hormone replacement therapy. Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia, Ontario is your preferred choice.

Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia Ontario proudly offers Diabetic Supplies and Services.

If you've got diabetes, Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia is the place for all the diabetic advice, products and service that will help you.

Laclie Pharmacy carries insulin pump supplies and a full line of diabetic glucose monitors. We are closely affiliated with the diabetes education centre (DEC) in Orillia Ontario.

Laclie Pharmacy also features special monthly Diabetes Days, for all diabetic customers. We offer: FREE Medscheck reviews of your medicine; glucose monitor training; and FREE glucometer upgrades (blood glucose monitors).

Laclie Pharmacy provides special products to better serve the people of Orillia.

We are always ready to customize our service to help you with your problems!

Laclie Pharmacy also carries:

Malathion for head lice treatment;
Tea tree oil spray for head lice prevention:
Minoxidil for Balding;
Rectal Rockets for Anal fissures/Hemorrhoids;
Eucerin for moisturizing;
Arginine and Nifedepine for circulation; Phenytoin for wounds;
Guaifenesin for fibromyalgia.;
PEG powder for constipation;
Fluconazole for Onychomycosis (nail fungus).
Dr. Newman's nipple ointment for sore nipples from breastfeeding;
Co-enzyme Q-10 capsules for muscle aches (for those who are on statins for cholesterol); Zinc Pyrithione for Psoriasis.

In Orillia ON, we carry the Rexall line of Generic, over-the-counter medicines, like cough syrup, pain killers, etc. We also carry ear thermometers and forehead thermometers.

Laclie Pharmacy offers solutions for Erectile Dysfunction in Orillia Ontario

If you suffer with Erectile Dysfunction, Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia can help.

Laclie Pharmacy offers treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in Orillia Ontario. From vacuum pumps and ring systems, we can help you with your ED. Vacuum pumps like the ErecAid System by Timm Medical Technologies and the StayErec System by Osbon are available exclusively at Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia.

Laclie Pharmacy also carries Cosmetics and Giftware in Orillia ON.

For all your beauty needs in Orillia, Laclie Pharmacy has you covered!

For all your beauty needs, Laclie Pharmacy carries Covergirl Cosmetics, L'Oreal Hair Care and Colours and Clairol Hair Colour in Orillia. We also have two popular compounded products for aging skin: Facelift In A Wrinkles Be Gone.

Laclie Pharmacy has Ganz Giftware, Russ products, and Lug Bags and Accessories.

We also feature Hallmark Greeting Cards for all your birthday, anniversary and special occasion greeting card needs in Orillia Ontario.





Key Contacts:

Dennis Lee


Physical Location


400 Laclie St
Orillia, ON, L3V 4P5 Canada

GPS Coordinates:

-79.4225645, - 44.6241443

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Hours of Operation

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    10:00 am
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  • Monday:
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    7:00 pm
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    5:00 pm

We serve

  • Beaverton
  • Brechin
  • Coldwater
  • Hawkestone
  • Moonstone
  • Orillia
  • Oro/Medonte
  • Rama
  • Severn Bridge
  • Washago

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