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Exfoliating stones or Pumice Stones

Remove dead skin and treat breakouts easily with a Pumice Stone!

Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia, Ontario carries Exfoliating stones or pumice stones

We all hear about them. Pumice stones, exfoliating stones, they're called different things depending on who you ask yet they all are widely used for the same things. This volcanic rock is recommended by skincare professionals and health care providers across the globe. Its gentle but not quite smooth texture allows for the user to rub it gently over their skin to remove dead excess skin that holds on just a little too tight. They are also great for treating Eczema and other breakouts across the skin.

Did you know pumice stones have other uses besides skin care? Their volcanic properties makes them incredible for absorption and slow release. This means if you allow them to absorb liquid properties including essential oils the scent will slowly be released and keep your home smelling nice for an extended period of time.

A simple Google search will reveal to you the numerous little-known uses of exfoliating stones. They can be used for skin care, plant care, home cleaning, and so many other things!

For more information about our variety of pumice stones please call or visit Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia, Ontario.

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Last Updated On: August 02, 2017
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