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Dex4 Glucose

Dex4 Glucose

Raise your blood sugar quickly with Dex4 Glucose from Laclie pharmacy!

Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia, Ontario carries Dex4 Glucose!

Low blood sugar can be irritating, inconvenient, and dangerous. If your blood sugar falls at the wrong time the effects could result in anything from you passing out on the street to getting into a car accident. Neither of these scenarios are safe for you and other scenarios are unfavorable as well. Prevent these scenarios from becoming reality by carrying Dex4 Glucose with you as much as possible!

Dex4 Glucose tablets contain 4 grams of glucose each, hence the name. This means depending on your blood sugar level you may have to take more tablets than normal or sometimes less tablets than normal to bring the level back to normal. You should talk to your doctor about the standard amount to take for each level and should never take more than you are medically able to.

These tablets typically work within minutes. This means if you sugar levels plummet unexpectedly you can be back on the road, back to your job, or back to whatever you were doing within minutes. This is incredibly convenient as it practically erases the need to take time off work, cancel plans, or reschedule appointments.

Another benefit is that there is no expiry date for Dex4 Glucose tablets. These tablets are made of Glucose sugar and do not expire. The tablets may go hard over time but the effects remain the same regardless of outer texture.

Please talk to your doctor about potential effects and proper dosage before beginning to take any new medication. Our pharmacy staff will be delighted to help clear up any later questions you have and provide advice regarding age, treatment, and recommended time between dosage.

For more information please call or visit Laclie Pharmacy in Orillia, Ontario.

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Last Updated On: August 04, 2017
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